“La Feria de Los Moles ” is coming to Los Angeles tomorrow, Sunday October 4th at the Placita Olivera from 10 am to 7 pm. Get ready to amaze your taste buds with the richness and texture of all the flavors found in each delicious plate of mole. 

If you have never tasted mole before, you are in for a unbelievable treat. I had the honor of tasting a variety of delicious moles this past Wednesday at the Feria de los moles conference, which showed us just a sneak peak of the outstanding line-up of food that the Feria will be offering this Sunday.
A plate of mole is more than just a combination of ingredients resulting in an explosion of exquisite flavor. A plate of mole tells a story and narrates the evolution of a culture. With the marrying of indigenous ingredients along side those ingredients brought to America by the Spaniards, the mole we know today is the expression of colonial Mexico. The original mole or “mulli” in nahuatl, can be traced back to 1492, precolonial times, where indegenious ingredients were used to prepare the delicious mole of those times. Later on, the indigenous “mulli” took on the flavors we know of today with the addition of foreign ingredients such as clover, cinnamon, pepper, and almonds. Today you can find expressions of moles in the most innovative ways possible. There are vegan moles and even amazing mole cupcakes, and this Sunday at the Feria de los Moles you can find it all.
IMG_1736Exquisite Vegan Mole
Come experience for yourself the rich heritage surrounding this delicious dish full of flavor, color, culture, and history. This Sunday October 4th discover why the mole poblano was chosen as the best dish in Latin America during the  Chowzter The Worlds Tastiest Fast Feast 2014 festival. Don’t miss it!