Looking for an easy tip to eliminate under eye bag? Well here it is!

Under eye bags can be caused by a variety of factors. You can be genetically predisposed to have them, they can be caused by allergies, and other health related issues. But if any of this instances don’t apply to you, then you can help eliminated the sudden  appearance of under eye bags, and even dark circles with a simple lifestyle change.

The key is to reduce the salt(sodium) intake in your your diet. You need to be mindful of the amount of sodium your body is consuming especially before bedtime because you will not be drinking any more water to help balance the ratio of salt to water inside your body. Once that delicate balance between salt (sodium) and water is broken, your body starts to retain water to prevent dehydration. This causes your whole body to swell due to water retention which shows through your body and becomes particularly noticeable around the delicate under eye area.

So before you spend your hard earned money on products that promise to get rid of under eye bags and/or dark circles, try adjusting your diet by cutting down your salt intake, and keeping your body hydrated.