With these easy high protein gluten free vegan waffle recipe, you can be sure to enjoy a simple yet delicious breakfast that will keep you strong and energized throughout the day. With ingredients like plant protein and chia seeds these waffles pack on the flavor and the power of good nutrition. I am no cooking expert, and that’s why I love these easy high protein gluten free vegan waffles recipe. Because if I can work with this delicious vegan waffles recipe, so can you.  Feeling adventurous? Great! Use your culinary creativity to tweak the recipe, and use the ingredients of your choice. So let’s get started:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with a delicious recipe like this one, you will crave breakfast all day long. I love to have these high proteing gluten free waffles on Sunday while I enjoy some quality time at home. Bring brunch to your home. Enjoy!