Do you Believe in God? The Story of God with Morgan Freeman can encourage you to seek the thruth or your own thruth, for say. Do You Believe in God? that’s a very deep and personal question, and that’s exactly what you can explore in The Story of God, hosted by Morgan Freeman who is also one of the executive Producers of the series that for two seasons has traveled around the globe, to explore different religious practices and traditions. This season Morgan, again, sets off on a journey to unlock the mysteries of spirituality and to discover the shared beliefs that unites us all.

During winter, National Geographic TCA’s held it’s panel for “the story of god” at the Langham Huntington in Pasadena. The panel consisted of Morgan Freeman (host, executive producer), Sal Masekela one of the group of correspondents that helped cover additional locations and stories. One of the places Sal visited was a group of druids who witness their winter solstice celebration. Eddy Robinson, a cultural leader in Canada’s First Nation’s community. After struggling in his youth Eddy was encouraged by a local Catholic priest to seek out a traditional tribal vision quest, and he shares that story on this second season. Lori McCreary the CEO and cofounder of Revelations Entertainment and one of the shows’ executive producer. James Younger, EVP of Revelations Entertainment. Also an executive producer. And, finally, Nelufar Hedayat, another correspondent this season who visited the ruins of the ancient city of Pergamum in Turkey to learn about the throne that was built for Zeus that was later dubbed Satan’s Throne.

Morgan Freeman interviews “John” in St. Marks church about his experiences undergoing exorcisms. (National Geographic/Maria Bohe)

A lot of deep questions where asked by journalists from all over the world, the one that most appealed was, Do You Believe in God? the question was directed to Morgan Freeman and anybody else in the panel who wanted to share their thoughts on that, without hesitation, Morgan Freeman responded “Yes” to that question. The journalist seeked further and proceeded by asking, why?

Morgan Freeman, responded

“Why do I believe in god? I’m god”

The audience laughed, so he addressed the audience

You laugh. I mean it. I believe that the concept of god is the concept of human life. Either there is god or there isn’t god. I believe there is god and the reason there is god because there is me. That may sound a little bit obfuscatory—great word—and I hope you can understand what I’m saying. What I believe in is me. I believe in me as having the power of god in me. And what is god? No answer out there? God is love. Am I wrong or what? Nobody’s nodding though.

That answer captivated me and left me thinking. I was hooked, to keep watching “Story of God” season three, because I also want to find my thruth.

This idea of religion being inside or outside, is God up there or in here? Is the devil in here or out there or behind you? This question has it’s own internal universe. That’s why religion raises many questions and controversies. Correspondent, Nelufar Hedayat, had a very interesting take on that same question, Do You Believe in God?

I want to make it problematic to answer your question. You asked if we believe in god. Sometimes. Sometimes I do, sometimes I’m like really? Do I? And like every Ramadan, yeah of course I believe in god and I pray and I fast to the best of my ability. And I try my best, but it would be strange for me to sit here and maybe my faith waivers sometimes, Morgan. Like it’s not always consistent and I struggle with god. I fight with the concept and with what my religion tells me to be and asks of me. It’s so arduous and demanding sometimes. And then at other times I’m elevated by it.

Like Nelufar, you might also be a bit more skeptical, we are confronted day by day with all these different realities that challenge our assertion of religion. And “The Story of God” does both. That’s what the “Story of God” will make you reflect and you might find the answer you are deeply seeking

Story of God Premieres March 5th, 2019 at 9pm/8c, on National Geographic

Morgan Freeman swings atop of a mountain in Kathmandu, Nepal.(National Geographic/Maria Bohe)

In its third season, THE STORY OF GOD WITH MORGAN FREEMAN continues to explore the impact of religion on the human journey by examining the aspects of faith – or lack thereof – that shape us daily. With Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman as a guide, audiences are transported to some of the world’s holiest sites to investigate the similarities of religious principles across faiths and their impact on the world. Morgan’s curiosities drive him to explore some of the most pressing religious questions – Do people among us embody the divine? Is there a way to overcome our sins? Are morals still instructed by God’s commandments? From “Satan’s Throne” in Turkey to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem to the United Kingdom’s Diwali celebration, Morgan ventures to sites around the world to search for answers.