Last week, Christopher Lee died at the age of 93. With more than 200 movies, the actor stands out from the crowd. He is one of the most prolific actor known nowadays.

Today, with his disappearance, he became a legend.

Every movies fan will remember him as playing Dracula or even Frankenstein. But those movies by the Hammer can’t describe Lee’s carrer.

We saw him in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, Steven Spielberg’s 1941 or lately in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings (among many more).

Director Tim Burton expressed himself about the loss of that “true legend” :

“Christopher has been an enormous inspiration to me my entire life. I had the honor and pleasure to work with him on five films (Sleepy Hollow, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Alice In Wonderland and Dark Shadows),” he said.

“He was the last of his kind – a true legend – who I’m fortunate to have called a friend. He will continue to inspire me and I’m sure countless others for generations to come.”

On twitter, right after his death, people who collaborated with the british actor also shared their thoughts :

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Here is a video of Christopher Lee’s work :