We all know Chiquis always looks flawless, but do you want to know what her secret is?

Well, Buenas noticias chicas! we got her talking at the launch party of her new line of  beauty cosmetics BeFlawless and she told us what we all want to know: her beauty routine. Chiquis Rivera spilled out all her beauty secrets as she was glowing from head to toe in a sparkly black jumpsuit. She couldn’t keep her beauty secrets in any longer and confessed that part of her beauty routine is Diamond Skin care, which is part of her skin care collection that has just launched.

The cosmetic and skin care collections are a two-year long project that has finally become a reality. Chiquis also shared some of her daily-routine products which included serum, tinted moisturizer, and toner.
Her collections go above and beyond the expectations that many had, her skin care collection has everything we as girls need to take care of our skin, but we can’t forget her cosmetics line that offers a wide variaty of colorful lipsticks that make your look be THE look.  Chiquis has put her heart into these products to make sure they are quality products that will make you have a healthier, flawless looking skin.



These collections scream Chiquis all over by clearly reflecting her personality with fun and unique lipstick names, like BeYou and BeBold. Whether you are in the mood to BeeYou or BeeBold, Chiquis has you covered with matte shades while your skin glows. Ah because attention BossBee Nation, Chiquis says in order to have flawless make up your skin has to be as healthy as it can be.

Chiquis says part of the reason why she wanted to come out with her own line was to educate her people on the importance of skin care. Chiquis is a Diva and we could not expect less from her but one of her last beauty tips was to take time for yourself, to rest, and meditate. She is a fan of this kind of activies because she says the way you feel inside will always have an impact on your physical beauty.

If you want to know all the details watch the full interview and remember that you can find all of her skin care products and cosmetics on her website www.beflawlessskin.com