As we all know Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are expecting their first child together. Blac Chyna Talks about her Baby, the new addition to the Kardashian family.
Chyna opened up about her pregnancy at the launch of her ChyMoji app, where she included a lot of different ChymMojis featuring baby stuff. Even though she says they already know the sex of the baby, they are not revealing it. It is unclear if they will eventually let the fans know, or if they will keep it a secret until the end.

Some of the fans started speculating about the gender through the ChyMojis Chyna has up on her app. Most of these ChyMojis show blue all over leaving fans under the impression that the new Kardashian baby will be a boy.

But wait up, she threw some pink into the mix now the question is, did she do this as a trick to confuse people? or is she really being neutral and will surprise us with false clues?

Even though her ChyMojis show little baby boy hints, the one Chymoji that has everyone talking is the one where she is holing a baby. A baby that is peeing all over Rob. Judge with your own eyes, but it is pretty obvious on this one that at least on this ChyMoji the baby is a boy.

kardashianbabyThe couple seems to be happier than ever, as Rob surprised Blac on her birthday with twenty-eight bouquets of roses and peonies. Chyna shared pictures and videos on her SnapChat last night where all the mid-shade pink bouquets came with a cards to Chyna’s surprise.


“Oh my God, I just walked into the kitchen, and I see all these flowers from Rob, 28 different cards,” she said, adding, “Number one, let’s see, let’s see.” she added.