Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are still in touch according to sources, and many think that the former couple might get back together since Affleck has split from his wife of 10 years, Jennifer Garner. According to the New York Daily News, sources say that Affleck and Lopez got “flirty” at the Oscars earlier this year, and have been staying “in touch” via email — something that Garner wasn’t a fan of (allegedly).


And, of course, there has been plenty of denial to go along with this story. Sources tell theNY Daily News that Affleck and Lopez have not been talking despite the rumors. If this is the truth, Bennifer fans may not be in for a reconciliation of the ages after all.

And, don’t forget, JLo is supposedly back with her on-again “Beau.”

“Fans shouldn’t expect a Gigli sequel anytime soon as Lopez, 45, was just seen cozying up to her on-again, off-again boyfriend Casper Smart in New York City a mere 24 hours after Affleck and Garner’s divorce announcement.”

News that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had been in touch surfaced a while back, after the two shared a little whisper and a giggle at the Academy Awards. With reports that Affleck and Garner have been on the outs for nearly a year, some wonder if there is something more going on between Affleck and his former love that the public hasn’t found out about yet.

According to Mail Online, there are reports that Lopez was the reason that Affleck and Garner ended their marriage. Perhaps they rekindled something, or Affleck realized that he never really got over Lopez. Their relationship ended many years ago, but to this day, JLo says that the split really broke her heart.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Bennifer reunion is something that is on plenty of radars now that Affleck is officially single again.

“Everyone is talking about J-Lo and Ben and saying it’s inevitable they will get together again at some point. We call them the Richard Burton and Liz Taylor of Hollywood,” said an unnamed source.

Even if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez did stay in touch, chances are JLo had nothing to do with Affleck’s split from Jennifer Garner. The two have had problems for years, and infidelity probably wasn’t in the top five. The media has cited career envy, gambling problems, and alcohol dependency as reasons for the Ben and Jen divorce heard ’round the world.

Do you think Affleck and Lopez would ever date again?