While producers have given Oliver a break by finally getting together with Felicity in the season three finale, it seems like Oliver’s happiness would not last that long.

According to Christian Today, Diggle is having a hard time forgiving Oliver due to the events that happened during the third season. Viewers saw how Oliver risked Lyla’s life just so he could get Nyssa al Ghul to come to the team to rally against her father.

Collider recently sat down with producer, Wendy Mericle, to talk about the upcoming conflict between the two characters. Mericle said:

“Dig has a huge bone to pick with Oliver when they see each other again. It’s not gonna be easy. With what happened to Dig’s family, it’s really tough to buy that back, and Oliver is not gonna to be able to, obviously, they can’t be mad at each other forever, or what are we doing?”



Den of the Geek also reported that there has also been a confirmation on Damian Darhk as that new villain for season four. Damian will be played by Neal McDonough, from “Justified” fame. And producers of the show has released his official description, which said:

“Damien Darhk is a mysterious and sophisticated villain, and an adversary of the late Ra’s Al Ghul. Now the leader of his own clandestine group, this cunning foe will prove to be one of the Arrow’s greatest challenges.”

There is no official word yet on when Damian will be brought into season four, however, Oliver and Felicity will be dealing with some backlash for leaving the group to take a short vacation.

Diggle has been taking the lead since the couple’s absence in the season premiere. Reports have also stated that Diggle would also bear a new costume and a new code name.

“Arrow’s” fourth season is set to premiere on Oct. 7 on the CW.