Forget everything you think you know about a Beverly Hills spa; the high prices, presumptuous ambiance, and the judging eyes. Once you step into Afterglow Beverly Hills, a luxurious skincare boutique, you will feel at home. The dynamic sister duo, Natalie and Nadia Aguilar, will take care of your skin and treat you like family. The Spa is beautifully decorated with a sophisticated yet cozy feeling. The relaxing and calming atmosphere is just an added bonus to the amazing personalized skincare treatments offered in this one of a kind slice of skincare heaven.

Natalie Aguilar is a registered nurse and esthetician with more than fifteen years of skincare experience. This young Latina is making a difference in our community through passion, hard work, and perseverance. Her inspiring story reminds us all that our goals and dreams are within reach, if we put in the time, work, and dedication needed to accomplish them.

Natalie Aguilar

After opening Afterglow only four months ago, these driven sisters have worked nonstop to make a name for themselves in the highly competitive and prestigious beauty market of Beverly Hills. With an ever-growing clientele including tv and movie personalities, Afterglow Beverly Hills, offers every client the opportunity to have the best skin they’ve ever had at incredibly affordable prices without compromising the quality of the treatments.

If you are ready to discover the best skin of your life without breaking the bank, visit Afterglow and experience the best luxurious skincare boutique in Beverly Hills.

Afterglow Beverly Hills is located at 435 N. Bedford Dr., Suite 402, 323-515-9210.



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