Finals are done. School is out for the next few months, but reading never goes out of style. I have put together a list of  some of 10 Must-Read Books For This Summer, these are so good you won’t be able to put them down. Because there is nothing better than the ocean waves, sand on your toes and a great book. So get ready,  grab your towel and pick some of these babies up on your way to the beach or the pool.


10 Must-Read This Summer

#1 Why Not Me, Mindy Kaling.
This book in one word: H I L A R I OUS. If you don’t know Mindy, she is sooo funny that with every page you read of this book you’ll fall in love with her. She has been in different sitcoms, such as The Office, and The Mindy Project. If you haven’t seen them you have a lot of work to do for the summer, of course after reading this list of books.
Anyway, Mindy being a woman of color, not having a super model shape and of course not being a member of any exclusive club, how did she become so successful? Well she will tell you in her book. She will make you LOL throughout the whooooole book. From her childhood, her college days to her career days, this woman knows how to write a book publish it and sell over 10 million copies. If you are feeling like you need a motivation push, go grab this book now and you will thank me later. Plus they are selling like hot cakes.

10 must-reads this summer

#2. #GirlBoss, Sophia Amoruso
Who hasn’t seen the cover of this book somewhere online or at the bookstore or even at the local Target? Sophia Amoruso is T H E boss. If you don’t know the amazing story of her life, you are missing out. Her hobbies as a 17-year-old include hitchhiking, dumpster diving, and petty thievery, but wait on it…she goes from her life being a mess to building her own company, she is now the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Nasty Gal, a $100+ million e-tailer that leads in the fashion industry. Her story is super inspiring and proof that never giving up will take you where you need to be. For all those girls who are or want to jump into entrepreneurship, in other words be your own boss THIS is the book you want/need to read this summer.

10 must read this summer

#3. Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected, Kayla Aimee
Southern mommy Blogger Kayla Aimee centers her blog around her daughter, Scarlette (and now newborn baby Riley, congrats btw) DIY projects, life as a mommy and other things. She has now published a book where she shares with her fans her inspiring story of faith and hope as she found herself giving birth to her daughter at only 25 weeks into her pregnancy. Her daughter scarlette weighed only one and a half pounds at the the time of birth, leaving Kayla navigating through motherhood in many different and unexpected ways. If you are questioning your faith and need a reminder that there is still hope, this book will take along the journey of someone who found it in the unexpected.

10 Must-Read Books For This Summer

#4. Saving Abby, Steena Holmes
Since we are in the topic of pregnancy, here is a book that will present a mother with an impossible choice to make. After many years of infertility, Claire finally becomes pregnant, but sadly becomes ill and the treatment needed could harm her baby. She must make the hardest choice of her life.

10 Must-Read Books For This Summer

#5. Modern Lovers, Emma Straub
When your kids are grown up, you have bough a house in the same neighborhood as your former bandmates and college friends, what’s next? Elizabeth, Andrew and Zoe have now established a life, opened businesses have kids who are ready to go off to college, and now they must confront truths about themselves, and about the other member of their band who became insanely famous without them. This is a novel about life, truth and possible wrong choices?

10 Must-Read Books For This Summer

#6.Rich and Pretty, Rumman Alam
Are you feeling that bestie vibe? well this book will teach you somethings about friendship. The story is based on two friends Sarah and Laura, they have been friends since childhood and have been together through everything, you know first kisses, graduations etc. Now Sarah is planning her Wedding ad Laura is trying to figure out what’s up with her life and her career. This will put test out their friendship and have you wondering if it’s really possible to call someone who is living a completely different live than your, your “best friend”.

10 Must-Read Books For This Summer

#7 One True Loves, Taylor Jenkins Reid
Because summer isn’t summer without romance. This novel will introduce you to Emma, who is happily married to her high school sweetheart Jesse. Everything changes when he is tragically killed on their one year anniversary. Emma wonder if she will ever find love again, feeling lost and hopeless she eventually moves on. She finds love again with her long time old friend Sam. The problem? Jesse is later found, ALIVE. Can she have more than one true love? find out.

10 Must-Read Books For This Summer

#8. The Wedding Sisters, Jamie Brenner
Who doesn’t love summer weddings? “I do”, well the story centers around three sisters, three weddings, all marrying fancy, super handsome men. So what is the problem? they all want to tie the know the same year! well, no prob right? why not have a triple wedding? well, good luck to Meryln, the mother of the brides who wants to give their daughters the best for their special day. But dealing with the media, all the in-laws, the stress won’t be fun. This story will have you cracking up, and make you rethink weddings overall. So grab your best outfit you are invited!.

10 Must-Read Books For This Summer

#9 If I Forget You, Christopher Greene
Who doesn’t have that one person who is so hard to forget? This novel will have two former lovers meet after 21 years in a busy Manhattan Street. Will they see each other? Will they even remember everything they lived together? How is their lives after two decades?, this story is about love and paths crossing, paths that we maybe have never completely walked away from.

10 Must-Read Books For This Summer#10.Mystic Summer, Hanna McKinnon
Because who doesn’t love running into ex-boyfriends? Not. Well maybe it’s not so bad after all , at least for Maggie. When she finds her life upside down, she decides to go back home to Mystic CT. And yes, you guessed it she runs into an old ex-boyfriend that will bring peace back to her life. Or not? This novel is about looking back or moving on, but in end deciding who you want to be. 10 Must-Read Books For This Summer


You see, you will definitely be busy this summer as you read all these incredible and inspiring books with your iced coffee or tea next to the pool. Don’t you just love summer?
If you don’t finish this list, no worries these books are great read for fall or rainy days. Like I said, reading never goes out of style, so please share this list and hashtag #HOLAbooks any of these books when you are done reading them to let us know which ones were your favs.